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Ever since the expose of the MJC its seems to be a hot topic of discussion in most social circles.

Whilst having a conversation with his ustaadh, my husband brought up the topic of the “MJC Expose”

The response of his ustaadh was truly phenomenal! What a concise yet hard hitting point he made…this was the response of this brilliant teacher whom, Allah has endowed with deep understanding.

He responded by saying, that as important as it is for the public to be kept well informed regarding MJC’s process of halaal certification it is equally if not more important to ensure that one earns a halaal livelihood which unfortunately & sadly it not given the due importance it deserves.

How many of us can guarantee that we are earning a halaal livelihood…most of us may claim to do so but after serious introspection, the question remains…are our earnings really halaal?
In the light of the Quraan & hadeeth, certain people who seemingly earn a halaal livelihood in reality actually don’t…among them are:
A trader who trades dishonestly, dodgey dealings have become a norm of the day… don’t we all have contacts in the right places!

A trader who sells his merchandise on false promise\pretense, using lies to boost the sale of an item shouldn’t hurt the customer too much!

Lastly, something that most of us are guilty of yet we seldom realize it…using working hours to fulfill our own personal needs during this time…this amounts to  indirectly ‘stealing’ from your employer!

Remember, one of the reasons why our duas are not accepted is due to our earnings not being halaal…
May Allah save us & grant us the ability to lead more honest & fulfilling lives, Ameen


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