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How to Choose Your Brand of Water | with water sommelier Candice Jansen

Aug 01, 2022

Transcribed by Yumna Moosa

Market and convenience stores allow you the option of being able to choose different brands of water, but the choice in keeping one may become inconvenient, especially when you are unaware of what to consider when choosing your brand.

Candice Jansen is Africa’s first water sommelier and the founder of OriginFloe. She describes a water sommelier as a person being able to “specialize in the taste of water”. She also adds that it entails “raising awareness and educating [people] that water is not just water. It has taste: which is why there is also a big difference between natural and processed waters”. Candice also curates water menus for hotels and restaurants so guests can experience the differences in the liquid.

When asked the difference between mineral water and purified water, the OriginFloe founder says, “a natural water is from Mother Nature (such as spring water). However in South African stores we have prepared waters. They could start off as natural waters after which they are artificially changed to become a processed water through reversed osmoses (which would take the minerals out of the water and then add them in again). This is why these can’t be considered natural”. She also adds that natural waters are the best ones to look for when shopping.

Water gets its taste from minerals which can be found by reading the total dissoluble solids from the back of any bottle. This means that different brands may have different formulas which change its taste.


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