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I am not Human Enough


An entire childhood
is spent in utter misery.
A youth scream echoes,
A mother’s tears in vain,
A father helpless,
Blood and tears flows like raging rivers, the world stands by and watches,
Some in despair and tears,
others in laughter,
Why do you not come to my aid?
Is it that,
I am not human enough for you?

The color of our blood is the same.
Basic human rights we both demand,
We both dream,
to soar into the skies,
to reach new heights.
Then what is my sin?
Is it that,
I am not human enough for you?

Rockets, missiles bomb my motherland,
Stealing from us our culture.
Robbing our generation of a future.
Israeli in green splashes colors of red in our streets.
Leaving us to die,
like wild animals.
Bodies pile up,
Mangled, torn, blown into pieces.
Some cry
Others celebrate
What sin are we being punished for?
Is it that,
I am not human enough for you?

Mama, baba,
Do not blame yourselves,
Try to console your broken hearts,
Know that Allah has chosen me,
I am indeed HIS special flower of Jannah.
I am safe.
Tucked away from all that fear and horror.
I await your arrival.
One day, justice will prevail,
Your tears for me, will not be in vain.

(Nashreen Kassim)
May Allah grant our Palestinian brothers and sisters Jannatul Firdous, may the court of Allah open soon and pass judgment accordingly. Ameen


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