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In the Prophet’s Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam Mosque

By Nashreen Kassim
It is said:
“Words are a powerful tool”
But for me, words became powerless
in the Prophet’s Mosque.

I’m awestruck by the sight,
The beautiful huge umbrellas high up in the sky, shielding us from the sun.
The architecture of the Prophet’s Mosque inside out,
The glittering doors leading into the Mosque,
Every Muslim regardless of nationality standing shoulder to shoulder in prayer.

The serenity and atmosphere, peaceful and calm.
Not a star can be seen in the Prophet’s Mosque,
“The STAR” lies silent under a magnificent green dome.
Awaiting salutations.
So near, yet so far.

Ya Nabi sallahu alayhi wasallam,
my Star, my Prophet, my Master,
I greet You with As-sallamu-alaikum…
but I break down in tears.
My courage fails me…

I cry,
and cry.
and cry until my heart feels like its being lifted from my chest.
and suddenly, tranquility and peace enters my heart and soul.
I look up and my Prophet’s dome is standing magnificently tall, reveling in its glory before my eyes.
So near, yet so far.
So very far.

I lift my hands in humbleness and once more attempt to greet my beloved
Nabi sallahu alayhi wasallam…
“As-salamu-alaykum warak matullahi wabarakatuhu Ya Nabi sallahu alayhi wasallam.
My courage fails me again,
words are stuck in my throat.
I cry,
and cry…
and through tears and sheer mighty courage, I convey the Ummah’s Salaams.

Ya Nabi sallahu alayhi wasallam,
so many of my loved ones have conveyed their sincerest salams and duas to You, I am just their lucky voice presenting salaams to You.
Ya Nabi sallahu alayhi wasallam,
Accept our offering of salaam.

This feeling, this moment, no words can do justice.
Words become powerless in the Prophet’s Mosque, it can only be felt.


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