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Inheritance in Islam

The issue of inheritance is of fundamental importance. If it is applied correctly all heirs receive their just and legitimate shares resulting in clean-heartedness, happiness and barkat (blessings). If it is not applied at all or not correctly, bitterness, hatred, in-fighting and loss of barkat prevails for ever.

This branch of Islamic Law is so important that it has been given its own status. Rasulullah salllahu alaihi wasallam says: "Learn the laws of inheritance and teach it to people, for it is half of knowledge".

The laws of inheritance have probably been referred to as half of knowledge because it has to do with the correct distribution of the wealth of a deceased person and money associated with all forms of worship, directly or indirectly, in fact with our very existence, if this is halaal, our food, clothing, shelter, transport, etc will be halaal and our ibaadat will be in a position to be accepted. If this is not halaal, all our ibaadat, etc. is rejected by Allah. Therefore, together with it being half of knowledge and being studied as a subject of its own and having its own independent status, it is linked to all ibaadat as well.

If one is righteous and keeps his financial matters clean, the barakah of his wealth is enjoyed by generations after him. The Quraan relates the event of Khidhar alaihis salaam putting a wall right on the objection of Moosa alaihis salaam that the people of that town did not host them. Khidhar alaihis salaam should not have served them especially without renumeration. Khidhar alaihis salaam explained that the inheritance of some orphans was buried there and had to be protected because their parents were righteous.


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