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KZN braces for a week of solid rain

Sep 27, 2021

By Annisa Essack

On Monday, Kwazulu Natal experienced soaring temperatures, but the SA Weather Service has predicted isolated showers from Tuesday and thunderstorms later in the week.

Multiple weather forecasting sites predict heavy rains will hit KwaZulu-Natal from Wednesday, up to 100% predicted and 80% on Thursday, in Durban. Friday eases up somewhat, with 30% of showers expected. The weekend will see the heavens open, with an 80% chance of rain over the two days.

Mild to heavy rain is expected until next Wednesday, when conditions begin to ease up.

According to Celeste Fourie, a forecaster at the SA Weather Service, these conditions were typical for this time of year, when the east coast of South Africa usually experiences wet weather.

While some websites report that some parts of the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal could experience snowfall next week, Fourie said the chances were highly unlikely.

“We are forecasting temperatures over 30 °C in some places next week, so you cannot go from one extreme to the other – it is improbable. There might be thunderstorms, but snow is very unlikely,” she said.

The wet weather is caused by a surface trough coupled with a low-pressure system over the country.



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