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Lenasia Man Murdered in House Robbery

May 26, 2016


Faizel Patel, 2016-05-26


Police are on the hunt for two suspects after a 62-year-old man was murdered in Lenasia, South of Johannesburg.

It’s understood the suspects gained entry through the back door of the extension 4 home in the early hours of this morning while the family were asleep.

The police’s Hector Netshivodza says they are investigating a case of murder and house robbery.

“The owner of the house who is 62-years old when he tried to scream for help, he was shot 4 times and died at the crime scene. His wife also screamed for help and then the suspect also took the ring from the deceaseds wife and fled the scene.”

Netshivodza says no arrests have been made and the investigation is continuing.


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