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Lethal Forces nab cable thieves with fake guns

By Neelam Rahim

Five suspects were apprehended for cable theft by Lethal Forces early Sunday morning in extension 9 Lenasia, alongside the South Fork Flats.

Lethal Forces said during a patrol on Sunday morning; that these five individuals were busy digging and stealing copper cables. 

Shahim Ismail said: “We saw them digging and then pounced on them; while arresting them, we searched them. In the search, we found toy guns including all of the equipment to cut the cables and so forth.”

“There has been a lot of damage done to the cables already. In the area of extension 9, it’s phenomenal with this type of crime occurring often. Which is why my team and I patrol the streets in an attempt to eradicate these things,” he added. 

The five suspects, including all the items found, were arrested and handed over to the Lenasia SAPS this morning just after 6 am. 

It is also alleged that these suspects are a part of the same teams involved in terrorising the community using illegal weapons. 

Shahim said the investigation is very delicate at the moment as it will not just be left at an arrest of cable theft but will be investigated further. 

Many residents in the community have approached Lethal Forces stating that these suspects have illegal weapons. Moving forward, Lethal Forces will assist SAPS as the investigation continues bringing these criminals to book. 

This is a developing story. 


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