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[LISTEN] Civil Society Organisations Come Out in Support of Zondo Commission, While Zuma Frustrating & Delaying Inquiry

Faizel Patel – 10/03/2021

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

Civil Society organisation Open Secrets says with just a few months left before the Zondo Commission concludes and reports on its findings, there needs to be support for the inquiry into state capture.

Some of South Africa’s foremost civil society organisations have come out strongly in support of the State Capture Commission and have insisted that former president Jacob Zuma abide by the law.

The 13 civil society organisations released a joint statement overnight stating that the politicising of the Zondo Commission needs to stop, while condemning Zuma’s continued defiance of the commission.

The organisations say South Africa’s constitution was always intended to represent a break from the past and it rests on the predicate that all of us are equal before this law.

Speaking to Radio Islam, Open Secrets Naushina Rahim says the Zondo Commission has had its work stifled by Zuma.

“Now what we are seeing is even more attacks to the commission where others are also choosing to defy court orders and not appear before the commission. We greatly feel if people are going to try and derail the commission at such an important part of its work, its going to be really a disservice to all of those whistleblowers, activists and all who have really stood up to bring forth this evidence against state capture and corruption.”

Rahim says despite Zuma’s concerns about the commission and that Raymond Zondo must recuse himself, the deputy chief justice has followed the law to the letter thus far.

“If the former president is alleging he has a right to remain silent, then he has a duty to then put that on affidavit and explain to the commission why those thirty-five affidavits implicating him have no merit and therefore he can raise his right to remain silent. But as as we’ve seen he’s not doing that, in fact he’s just frustrating and delaying the commission’s process at the cost of the taxpayers money.”

The 13 civil society organisaton’s who signed the statement include  the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution, Corruption Watch,  Dullah Omar Institute, Open Secrets , Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse and Right2Know among others.


Listen to the interview with Naushina Rahim





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