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[LISTEN] Conservatives Celebrated with Christmas Party, While the Rest of the UK was in Lockdown

Staff Writer

Leaked footage obtained by the UK’s ITV appears to corroborate a Christmas party at No10 Downing Street, while the rest of the UK was in lockdown last December. The footage, filmed about 4 days later showed Boris Johnson’s then Press Secretary, Allegra Stratton joking to another official, Ed Oldfield about a party, and preparing answers to questions that would possibly be asked. The party occurred on December 18 2020, and is rumoured to have seen wining and dining, and a secret Santa gift exchange.

The UK had at the time been under a partial lockdown, with a maximum of only three families being able to meet outdoors, as the then Beta variant of the novel coronavirus ravaged the country. The party would have been in contravention of these regulations, and has thus generated much controversy, with Labour’s head, Keir Starma, calling on the government to apologise; asserting that there could not be one law for the people and one for the Conservatives.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has remained defiant, insisting that no party had taken place. However, the government had earlier acknowledged that a party had been organised, but argued that it had been held in accordance with coronavirus restrictions.



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