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[LISTEN] David Makhura: “We Will Not be Deterred by Anti-Vaxxers & Fake News About COVID Vaccine… It is Safe to Vaccinate”

Aug 30, 2021

Faizel Patel – 30/08/2021

Gauteng Premier David Makhura says the province will be not deterred by anti-vaxxer’s and fake news about the COVID-19 vaccine and encouraged communities to get the jab against the virus.

Makhura and Gauteng Health MEC Nomathemba Mokgethi visited the Saaberie Chishty drive-thru vaccination site in Lenasia on Sunday.

The Lenasia pop-up vaccination site is a partnership between the provincial government and Saaberie Chishty Society.

Makhura says South Africans must be vaccinated to save more lives in the fight against COVID-19 and praised various community initiatives in the expansive vaccination rollout programme.

He says the Coronavirus fake news brigade and anti-vaxxers who are spreading misinformation about the vaccine are under the radar.

“The anti-vaxxers, the guys who are sending fake news, we’ve got fake news under the regulations. There’re a few who’ve been arrested on fake news, sometimes the police don’t publicize. I’ve picked up fake news myself and I forward them to the police and the police were able to track people who were sending out fake news on the vaccine, they track them, arrest them and those people take them to who actually gave them the source of that.”

Makhura had a stern warning for people who may be involved in the criminal activity surrounding the selling of fake COVID-19 negative tests including vaccination certificate to anti-vaxxers who want to travel internationally.

Makhura says there were any anti-vaxxers in religious groups across the country spreading fake news about the Coronavirus vaccine, but religious leaders have done well to educate communities about getting vaccinated.

“There was a period where there were many in the religious sector, different faiths, Christian, Muslim. There were many stories about the vaccine, but in Gauteng we’ve cracked it this way by working with the religious leaders, the leaders of faith. We are doing tremendously outstanding work with the Muslim Association. If you look at the numbers we are turning up there at Houghton, that’s the best performing site by every count.”

Makhura said any criminality around vaccines is something that police are on full alert, adding that the Gauteng government is monitoring social media and other reports on fake news and anti-vaxxers.

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

Listen to the interview with Gauteng Premier David Makhura 



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