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[LISTEN] Dr Moham­med Siddique Tayob Urges Muslims to Use Vaccines Because they Work & Save Lives

Sep 15, 2020

Picture: Telegraph

Faizel Patel – 15/09/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

As the Mzansi Ethical Research Centre in Middelburg prepares to begin a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial, CEO Dr. Mohammed Siddique Tayob has assured the Muslim community that vaccines do indeed work to defend the immune system and human body against the virus and other invading organisms.

Dr. Tayob was speaking to Radio Islam on Tuesday about his vaccine trials called Ensemble led by Professor Glenda Gray.

The vaccine by the Mzansi Ethical Research Centre is being tested by Janssen Pharmaceuticals and funded by the United States government of medical and health sciences.

The vaccine is expected to take about two years to develop before being rolled out to patients.

Dr Tayob says there are a number of issues among Muslim communities including the apprehension to use vaccines which needs to be addressed.

“There are some people that believe vaccinations is not something that should be used. But there’s enough evidence vaccination is good. I know there are people who feel we shouldn’t vaccinate, but there is a principle in Islamic Fiqh that says ‘the benefit of the community far outweighs the individual or selfish interests of individuals.’”

Dr. Tayob says vaccines saves lives and medical professors have been doing great work and dedicating their lives in developing vaccines for major illnesses and virus’.

“This is something we should take benefit from especially in the Muslim community where we’ve seen a disproportionate infection rate and death rate, not just in South Africa but in the UK and other countries in the world. So, as Muslims we should be practicing preventative measures and avail ourselves to this great opportunity for a vaccine.”

Dr Tayob says they hope the vaccine they are testing which they are starting in about three weeks will work against the COVID-19 virus.

Listen to the interview with Dr. Moham­med Siddique Tayob





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