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[LISTEN] EXCLUSIVE: Former Taliban Minister Abdul Salam Zaeef Speaks to Radio Islam About the Taliban’s Past, Present & Future

Faizel Patel – 26/08/2021

Former Taliban Minister Abdul Salam Zaeef has welcomed the Taliban’s  takeover of Afghanistan and victory over the US and its allies saying Afghans are ecstatic to be fee of occupation forces.

Zaeef was speaking to Radio Islam in an exclusive interview about the Taliban seizing power after 20 years from the Western-backed Afghan government and the American occupation forces and its allies.

The Taliban snatched a military victory that saw the movement capture all cities including Kabul in just 10 days dealing a humiliating blow to the Afghan military and remaining US forces in the country.

Salam says the US was embarrassingly unsuccessful in Afghanistan

“What they wanted and what they wanted to build in the future, all of the things that they did vanished. I think this is a good lesson for America and other invasions. What were they thinking to occupy the country, to occupy the people and to impose what they wan?”

Salaam says the Taliban will be forming a government that is inclusive of all Afghans.

“Really this is the true Taliban. They got more experience then before, more information then before and more knowledgeable then before. The Taliban know what to do, they know what the people of Afghanistan want and they know how to make Afghanistan stable in the region and how to stay with their neighbours and how to stay connected with the whole community.”

Salaam says the mainstream media’s projection of the so-called mayhem at the Kabul airport on the day of the Taliban’s takeover is propaganda.

“This a big conspiracy by America. Again, a test for the Taliban and the people of Afghanistan. This is obviously some people who were working with the occupation. They were supporting them, they did wrong with the people of Afghanistan.”

Salaam says despite the invasion and twenty-years of occupation by the US and its allies including Afghans working and supporting the occupying forces, the Taliban have showed that they have changed, will not take revenge and forgive everyone and grant amnesty.

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)


Listen to the interview with Abdul Salam Zaeef 


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