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[LISTEN] Gaza Continues to Suffer under Occupation

Aug 24, 2021

Umm Muhammed Umar

Israeli occupation forces injured more than 40 Palestinians, including at least 24 children, during protests in the Gaza Strip on Saturday. Middle East Monitor Gaza correspondent, Mutassim Daloul spoke to Radio Islam, regarding the developments that took place over the weekend.

On the topic of whether Israel was using the distraction of events in Afghanistan to carry out attacks, Daloul said that Israel doesn’t need any pretexts or distractions to commit atrocities against the Palestinians because it has been carrying out attacks on and violations against Palestinians for years. He said that what’s happening in Gaza is a disregard of the rights of the Palestinians who have been living under Israeli occupation. If there was to be a comparison, many countries are not happy with the reconquest of Afghanistan, even though it is by people who are Afghans, but no one cares about the occupation of Palestine by Zionists for more than 70 years. Daloul says that Israel carries out aggression against the Palestinians, whenever they want, however they want, in the knowledge that the world doesn’t care. Israel knows that when the Palestinians respond to the attacks, and injure even injure one Israeli soldier, the world will say, “Palestinians are carrying out aggression and attacks against Israel, who is defending its state and its people.” And then, I guess the spinning against defend the reporters will defend their democracy, they will defend their democracy, their state and their people, their civilians.”

Egypt has closed the Rafah border due to the current escalation. Daloul said that secular Egypt has never sided with the Palestinians and the Gaza Strip, because it does not like the government, or the movement which is ruling the Gaza Strip since 2007: Hamas. Daloul said, “Egypt has good relations with the Israeli occupation; when it opens the Rafah crossing, it is by the order of the Israeli occupation, not because it wants to ease the life of the besieged Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.” Daloul said that Egypt had closed the crossing in anger following the wounding of an Israeli policeman by Palestinian retaliatory fire during the clashes along Gaza’s border with Israel. He added that the closure of the crossing increased the suffering of the Palestinians.


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