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[LISTEN] Illegal Land Grabs in Lenasia a Result of Criminal Syndicates

Jul 17, 2020

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Faizel Patel – 17/07/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

African National Congress (ANC) PR and region G Councillor Zarina Motala says the land grabs in Lenasia and surrounds is a result of a criminal syndicate.

Motala was speaking to Radio Islam on Friday about the rise in illegal land grabs.

Concerns have been raised that a number of illegal informal settlements are mushrooming in Lenasia.

Residents are up in arms and don’t know who to turn to report the illegal occupation of land.

Motala says she has forwarded all correspondence from residents about illegal land grabs to the relevant authorities.

“If you see the kind of people coming there, moving in, they certainly have a lot of resources. In a couple of extensions in Lenz like in Extension 11, structures were put up and they were demolished, they were put up they were demolished. So there’s definitely what I would probably call a syndicate operating and they probably have financial resources. Because if you can have your building demolished and if you have brick and mortar again building up, it really tell that you are not a homeless person, but just land grabbing.”

Motala provided a number that residents can call to report illegal land grabbing:

Illegal Land Invasion Director

Zed Magaliso

082 779 1361


Listen to the interview with Zarina Motala. 



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