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[LISTEN] Lenasia: Ward Councillor Imraan Moosa Committed to Delivery

Nov 04, 2021

Umm Muhammed Umar

Radio Islam this week spoke to the winning candidate for Ward Councillor in Lenasia, Hafidh Imraan Moosa. Moosa said that following all the stress, anxiety, and hard work, that he was thankful to the Almighty for having made it possible for him to still have the opportunity to serve the community. He said, “I’m really, truly, humbled and honoured to be chosen once again. And we as Muslims, we know that Allah chooses whom he wishes to serve. And all power and might is only from Allah.”

Moosa thanked the residents of Lenasia, South of Johannesburg, for placing their trust and confidence in him. He prayed, “May Allah keep my intention pure and accept from me. He also wished his contenders well, and invited them to work with him. He said, “Because in coming in unity we can achieve much more.” Moosa said the past month had been tough in terms of campaigning, but that they try to do best within their capacity.

The vote had shown that Al Jama-ah had won by a significant margin. In fact, even the DA and ActionSA, seemingly, had outperformed the ANC.  ANC Stalwart, Zarina Motala, who was known for many years of community service, and had stood as a candidate had lost the vote to Moosa, possibly indicating that the residents of Lenasia, particularly Ward 9, were showing their displeasure with ANC via the ballot, due to the party’s poor record of service delivery. Moosa said that he tended to agree with this view. He said, “I have first-hand experience on the ground with regards to what has happened in terms of service delivery in the recent months.” He said, “it’s an individual that tries and make a difference, and working closely with the service delivery departments to try and ensure that service delivery is met for our community.”

Moosa is a fairly new to the scene. He stood in the by elections just over a year ago. He has now won in a fully-fledged local election. Asked about what he would commit to in terms of the residents of Lenasia, Ward 9 specifically, Moosa said that while he found that to be a very important question, he did not promise anything. However, he said, “But what I can commit to is that I’m truly dedicated to try and make the difference in terms of ensuring that the service delivery departments perform. He added that he would “put pressure and pursue with ensuring that the service deliveries are met, you know, so that the community can be satisfied with it.” He said that that was his stand on behalf of Al Jama-ah.



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