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[LISTEN] Middle East Report: Israeli Settlers Visiting Dubai Angers Palestinians: “Obstacle to Peace & Violation of International Law

Nov 13, 2020

Image: The Cipher Brief

Faizel Patel – 13/11/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

Political analyst James Dorsey says the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has presented its establishment of diplomatic relations with Israel as a way to prevent annexation and to try and revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Dorsey was speaking to Radio Islam on Friday during the Middle East Report.

A delegation of Israeli settlers is visiting Dubai, where they met with Emirati business people to discuss commercial opportunities following the United Arab Emirates’ establishment of formal ties with Israel earlier this year.

The visit angered the Palestinians, who view Israeli settlements as a major obstacle to peace and a violation of international law.

Dorsey says there is more to the meeting between the Israeli settlers and the UAE.

“What we are seeing is a willingness on the part of the UAE to not only engage with Israel proper, but to engage with elements of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

Dorsey also spoke about the UAE “seizing” Al Aqsah as an opportunity to enhance its regional influence.

“What you have is indeed a very delicate situation. One Temple Mount is probably the most contested emotive location in Jerusalem. What you seeing is an effort which is fundamentally backed by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to broaden the governance of the haram shareef for example by bringing in the UAE.”

Dorsey also shared news about the Russia and Turkey jostling for power in the caucuses and US secretary of state Mike Pompeo set to meet the Greek Orthodox Patriarch in Istanbul and not the Turkish foreign minister.


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