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[LISTEN] Ml Sulaimaan Ravat: “Has COVID-19 Made You a Better Muslim?”

Jun 11, 2020


Faizel Patel – 11/06/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world and in South Africa, has COVID-19 made you a better Muslim?

This was the question posed by Ml Sulaimaan Ravat this morning as the world faces a new normal with regulations related to Conronavirus determining almost every aspect of our daily life.

While discussions relating to the medical, theological, legal and practical perspective is pertinent, how has COVID-19 affected you as a person?

Ml Ravat says the reality of COVID-19 should motivate people to introspect and ask themselves if the virus have made them better Muslims.

“Has COVID-19 made me realise how feeble I am? Has it made us realise as a community, as a Ummah, as humanity how feeble we are, how weak we are? How dependent we are? Allahu Samad, it is only Allh that is totally independent.”

Ml Ravat says our total reliance should be on Allah.

“Has COVID-19 prompted me to make sincere taubah? We’ve heard the scholars advise us over and over again that one of the reasons that we are afflicted by this virus is due to our own actions. It’s not to blame others for their actions. If I haven’t made taubah, if I am still sinning in the midst of this pandemic, than that is catastrophic.”

Ml Ravat says difficulties likes the COVID-19 meant to bring the Ummah closer to Allah also gave us an opportunity to strengthen our individual worship.


Listen to the discussion by Ml Sulaimaan Ravat 


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