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[LISTEN] Mufti Zubair Bayat Shares How “Marhooma Apa Gori, Wife of Marhoom Ml Yunus Patel was Prepared to Meet Allah”

Jan 31, 2021

Faizel Patel – 31/01/2021

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

Esteemed Islamic scholar Mufti Zubair Bayat says Nabi (SAW) said people should speak about the good traits of those who have passed away.

Mufti Bayat was speaking during his zikr majlis last week following the passing of Marhooma Apa Gori, the wife of Marhoom Ml Yunus Patel (RA).

Apa Gori passed away on Thursday.

Mufti Bhayat says during the Janaza, he met Apa Gori’s son-in-Law Muhammad bhai  Essack who shared some of the deeds that the Marhooma used to practice in her daily life.

“So some of the wonderful things that he mentioned that Alhamdulillah from before she was already prepared for her meeting with her Creator. She mentioned that ‘I am ready and eager to go and meet my Creator Allah (SWT)’, Subhanallah, what a wonderful thing. May Allah (SWT) gives us that level of preparation for Aakhirah that we can also say that I am ready to go and meet my Rabb, Allah (SWT).

Mufti Bhayat says we should take a lot of lessons from the pious.

“Speak about the good things about your deceased. Why? Because we can take a lot of inspiration from there and it will help us to find our way. It will give us some kind of inspiration to follow in their footsteps.”

Mufti Bhayat says it is quoted in the hadeeth that a person who is eager and desirous and loves to meet Allah, Allah is also happy and eager to meet that servant while a person who dislikes to meet Allah, than Allah also dislikes to meet such a person.


Listen to the Zkir Majlis of Mufti Zubair Bayat



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