[LISTEN] Palestine Report: Who is the “Lesser of Two Evils,” Biden or Trump When it Comes to Palestine?

Nov 02, 2020

Faizel Patel – 02/11/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

On the eve of the US elections, which is the “most important US election since 1945, there are questions about how the outcome the presidential election will affect Palestine and Palestinians.

Underscoring the high stakes – and the disruptive impact of the coronavirus pandemic – a record 90 million early votes have already been cast, as the bruising contest heads toward the biggest turnout in at least a century.

Polls are open until Tuesday night with President Donald Trump battling to secure four more years in the oval office.

Trump remains behind Joe Biden in the opinion polls, but the gap is narrowing.

The Palestine Information Network’s (PIN) Hafez Ebrahim Moosa speaking during the Palestine Report on Radio Islam on Monday says there has always been a paradigm when it comes to the American Presidential elections.

Hafez Moosa says there is nothing that impresses from Trump or Biden when it comes to Palestine.

“When we look at the track record of Joe Biden with regard to Palestine and his stance with Israel, his time at the senate, his consistently always voted with pro-Israel positions. He’s bragged in his campaign about this relationship with Israel, his relationship with Netanyahu.”

Hafez Moosa says Trump is none the better given his actions against Palestine.

“As far as Trump, we know that if he comes out on top, he’s obviously changed the script dramtically when it comes to the Palestinians. Issues that we’ve all spoken about before; moving the embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing the occupation of the Golan Heights, saying that the settlements are not illegal, closing down the PLO office and obviously towards the end the Trump plan and normalization.”

Hafez Moosa says whether Trump or Biden wins the US Elections, there is no distinction about who is the “lesser of two evils when” the Palestinian struggle is on the table.


Listen to the Palestine Report with Hafez Ebrahim Moosa 








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