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[LISTEN] Palestinian Ambassador to UK Husam Said Zomlot: “It’s Time for the UK Government to Talk less & Take Action Against Israel”

Jun 12, 2021

Image: Sheikh Maajid Omar

Faizel Patel – 12/06/2021

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

The Palestinian Ambassador to the United Kingdom says it is time for the UK Government to take action against Israel. 

Husam Said Zomlot was addressing Palestinian supporters at a protest in the UK outside Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Office at 10 Downing Street on Saturday. 

Thousands of people turned up for the protest against Israeli aggression inflicted on Palestinans in Gaza calling on the UK Government to talk less and take serious action against the apartheid state. 

Palestinian supporters also lined up makeshift coffins outside Downing Street for each child that was killed by Israel during the attack on Gaza.

At least 274 Palestinians including 66 children and 39 women were killed by Israeli occupation forces while scores of others were wounded during Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip. 

Zomlot says the world must not rest until the virus of occupation, colonisation, apartheid, besiegement,racism and oppression is uprooted. 

He has called on the UK Government to take action against Israel saying it is not taking its rsponsibilities seriously. 

“It is deeply dissapointing that of all of countries in the world, the United Kingdom is not taking its responsibilities seriously. The UK has a responsibility to international law, the UK has a responsibility to justice, the UK has a responsibility to Palestine. It is time to get serious.” 

Zomlot says they want sanctions to be imposed against Israel. 

“We demand as you demanded in your public petition from the parliament, sanctions. What we demand is sanctions, ban, ban all illegal settlement products. Impose arms embargo immediately.” 

He says the world can no longer have an illegal occupation by Israel calling for “justice from the river to the sea.” 

Zomlot says Israel must be held accountable for its actions and Palestinians have the right to return to their homeland and properties that was stolen by the apartheid state. 


Listen to the remarks by Palestinian Ambassador to the UK Husam Said Zomlot  – (Interview courtesy of Eman Channel) 





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