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[LISTEN] PSA Threatens Shutdown of Public Service Sector if Salary Increases Not Given

Apr 23, 2021

Image: News24

Faizel Patel – 23/04/2021

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

The assistant general manager of the Public Servants Association (PSA), Reuben Maleka says while government is negotiating increases for employees at local government level, public servants are being side-lined for any salary increments.

Maleka was speaking to Radio Islam on Friday about salary negotiations between government and the public servants.

Trade unions representing public servants have tabled a wage proposal of more than 7% while government is doubling down on a three-year pay freeze.

Maleka says government is ignoring the public servants.

“You’ll see hypocrisy there that the same government would give other sea of government of 2.8%, but at our level as public servants they are giving us 0%. So the plead of that there’s no money, it doesn’t make sense.”

Maleka says with the increase of petrol, electricity and other commodities, public servants cannot bear another year without any salary adjustment.

“If government comes there empty-handed, we are going to be in a deadlock, we are going to start the process of a dispute and which can lead to a strike, because it looks like in this country if you want anything else, you must end up being in a strike.”

Maleka says if they go on strike, a number of services will come to a standstill including homes affairs services, the deeds office, immigration and ports of entry and all court and law officials among others.


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