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[LISTEN] Reassessing Law Enforcement’s Role in Shahbaz’s Assassination, while Racist Anti Palestinian  Activism Continues- The America report

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Speaking to Radio Islam International, Ibrahim Hooper, National Communications Director for the Centre on American Islamic Relations, reiterated the group’s call for a re-assessment into the assassination of Malik Shabazz (Malcom X), especially following the now widely acknowledged fact of US law enforcement’s infiltration into the civil rights movement. The civil rights movement according to CAIR, “was completely infiltrated with law enforcement officers pushing for things to happen to make the civil rights movement look like it was somehow violent, and all of these kinds of things… We (CAIR) want a full investigation of any law enforcement involvement in the assassination, because people have come forward with confessions that it didn’t happen the way it was portrayed at the time.”

Meanwhile, attacks on Rutgers law professor, Sahar Aziz, continue, mainly as a result of her support for Palestinian rights. Hooper asserted that this was a response to the growing realisation of Israeli racism and segregation against Palestinians, best indicated by the recently published Amnesty International report, which declared Israel as practicing apartheid: “They’re seeing the Amnesty International report, declaring Israel an apartheid state. They’re seeing the Human Rights Watch [report]. They’re seeing all these reports saying the same thing. All of these things are coming together. They’re seeing the Progressive’s in the Democratic party  going away from their blind support of anything that Israel does, and  this is the kind of pushback… it’s not working anymore.”

Lastly, on Tuesday, a federal court found the 3 killers convicted of Ahmoud Arbery’s rootle killing, guilty of further hate crimes at a federal level. The killers had already been convicted of murder under Georgian state law, but this conviction was at a national level, and impedes any real chance of them receiving parole, especially since they now have another life sentence conviction. Jurors concurred relatively quickly, mainly since the evidence was much too strong, and sentencing will likely occur soon.


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