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[LISTEN] South African IDF Settler Killed in Israel, while Hamas Declared a Terrorist Organisation in the UK

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South African settler Eliyahu David Kay, was killed in an attack by a Palestinian Imam, Fathi Abu Shukhaidem, on Sunday. Kay, a South African, joined the IDF’s paratrooper division and recently ‘settled’ in occupied Palestine in contravention of both international law, and South Africa’s Foreign Military Assistance Act, which has only leniently been implemented by the National Prosecuting Authority.

Israel has as per usual, reacted disproportionately, raiding homes, and arresting teenagers and political figures, including the Palestinian mayor of East Jerusalem. It is noteworthy that this is the first ‘Israeli’ death since the May offensive of Gaza, following which Israel has killed tens of Palestinians and arrested thousands of others.

Speaking to Radio Islam International, Hafiz Ebrahim Moosa noted the fact that Kay was a ‘settler’, who previously had joined the Israeli Defence Forces’ paratrooper division. Further, he noted the fact that he was the 10th South African killed fighting for Israel since its establishment, clearly alluding to the fact that many South Africans flout the country’s laws to fight for foreign forces.

Meanwhile, on Friday, UK Home Secretary, Priti Patel announced that Hamas would be declared a terrorist organisation in the UK, in an address to the right-wing Heritage Foundation in the US, saying that ‘Hamas flags’ make UK Jews feel scared. The move, which still needs to be endorsed by the UK’s house of commons, will stipulate around 10 years jail time for people found to be supportive of the organisation, including the possessing of ‘virtual flags’ (pictures), and, more ominously, wearing attire similar to the organisations, something which can be widely interpreted.

In relation to the Hamas ban, Moosa noted that previously this could have been justified as being mandated by EU policy. However, since Brexit, the UK now institute’s its own policies. He said, “the UK was operating under the EU, which designated that Hamas is a terrorist organization and the UK was just following suit, but now, post-Brexit, it [the UK] started to make decisions of its own.”

Moosa noted how Priti Patel had previously had to resign from the UK’s International Development Agency in 2017, for secretly meeting Israeli officials, including Netanyahu and Yair Lapid in 2017, during a holiday to Israel, without informing British officials.

This move will likely impair solidarity activities in the UK; Hamas has criticised the measure as the UK once again taking sides in the conflict, after its initial role in inspiring the occupation through the Balfour Declaration.


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