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[LISTEN] The America Report: $150 Million Funnelled to 26 Anti-Muslim Groups in the Last Two Years

Jan 14, 2022

Umm Muhammed Umar

The Council on American – Islamic Relations has released new information on another spy detected within the American Muslim community. The spying activity had taken place in the Virginia area, at one of the most prominent mosques in America, touching on American Muslim leaders from around the country. Being the spy who had revealed information about a former Congressman, Keith Ellison, that saw him removed from a prominent role with the Democratic Party. Brother Ibrahim Hooper, who spoke to Radio Islam, said, “So the spy had a national impact.” He added that the spy regretted his actions and that, “we’re trying to reintegrate in back in the Muslim community after this repentance and asking for forgiveness. He was felt he was weak; he was under economic pressure at the time and they just took advantage of it.”

Hooper said, “we believe that if we weren’t having a positive impact, we wouldn’t be targeted by these hate groups and haters. So, we take it as a badge of honor that we’re targeted.”

CAIR also, this week, had issued an Islamophobia report that exposed that $150 million had been funneled to 26 anti-Muslim groups in the last two years. Hooper said, “It just shows again, what kind of funds are being put into the anti-Muslim effort around the country……. trying to block the progress of the American Muslim community, because people see it as if American Muslims gain their rights, gain in prominence, gain political influence, it decreases their influence.” He said when efforts like these were exposed, at the very least it makes people aware and hopefully result in less such actions taking place. He added, “In fact, there was some decrease in funding from our previous report. So that’s a good sign.”

CAIR has also marked the 20th anniversary of Guantanamo Bay by calling on President Joe Biden to shut it down. Hooper commented, “Well, we’ve always said, ‘look, if you have somebody that you think did bad things, charge them, bring evidence, charge them in a in a court of law, and bring your evidence. Don’t keep them in this so called ‘Forever Prison’, where you have no opportunity to challenge your detention. You’re just stuck there till you die basically.” He added that in many of the cases, there is no evidence. He said, “They’re stuck there. And they figure ‘well, we don’t have anything but we think they’re bad. So, keep them there.’ No, if you think somebody’s bad bring evidence.”

Meanwhile, regarding the bomb threat targeting the University of Utah’s Black Cultural Center and a racist poster at the Idaho school, Hooper said that they were part of the ongoing rise of white supremacy, and racism in the US. There have also been incidents of anti-Asian vandalism of Korean made cars in Minnesota. He said, “So these things are just a daily occurrence. We don’t even comment on all of them. We just can’t, there’s too many.”

Separately, many of the people who died in a fire in the Bronx in New York were from the Gambia, from the Muslim community. Their local Muslim community was supporting their families in terms of funerals. Hooper said, “I believe they’re going to do a mass funeral because…….in America, funerals are very expensive. And these weren’t wealthy people.”

Lastly, and on a more positive note, in New Jersey two Muslim politicians were being sworn into office. Sadaf Jaffer and Shama Haider were the first American Muslims elected to the New Jersey legislature. Hooper reflected, “So that’s why Muslims are being targeted – because the haters see us maturing and progressing in the society.”



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