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[LISTEN] US Election 2020: Trump victory…Possible? Listen to Two Experts Debate on Radio Islam

Oct 28, 2020

Photo: Axios

Faizel Patel – 28/10/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

With nearly seventy million Americans having now cast their ballots in the US Presidential election, Radio Islam held a somewhat heated discussion with American sociologist Salvatore Babones and Founder/Editor of EA WorldView Scott Lucas about the “most important US election since 1945.”

Polls are open until next Tuesday night with President Donald Trump battling to secure four more years in the oval office.

Trump remains behind Joe Biden in the opinion polls, but the gap is narrowing.

Babones says there is a possibility that Trump may actually clinch the election despite his nuances that have been criticised across the world.

“Everyone knows, for good or for bad, for right or wrong, its considered embarrassing to want to vote for Trump. Put differently people will call you names, call you stupid, look down on you if you say you support Donald Trump and as a result, people are reluctant to say to a pollster that they are going to vote for Donald Trump. That infuses what we call a bias into the polls, meaning that our numbers for Trump are certainly going to end up higher than the polls indicate. Will there be enough higher to win him the election, nobody knows.”

While Lucas indicates that Biden is expected to win the US Presidential elections, Trump cannot be discounted to snuff out the former vice president to take up another term in the White House.

“We don’t know, that my crystal ball. But I think analysts out there, what they are doing out there is not just relying on a single polls or a couple of polls. They are taking a whole range of polls, they are looking at the factors in each day and 538.com which I think is the best out there has Biden as a seven to one favour, about an 88% chance of winning. At this point, it’s likely he’ll win, but it is not impossible for Donald trump to win. You can’t rule anything out until the fat lady sings as we say in the US.”

With just a week before the US election, Biden flayed Trump on Tuesday with accusations the US President had surrendered to a surging pandemic, as the Democrat took his campaign to the Republican stronghold of Georgia.

Trump meanwhile maintained his hectic campaign pace, holding an open-air rally in Michigan followed by a similar one in Wisconsin.

Attendees did not practice social distancing at either event, and many were maskless.


Listen to the discussion by Salvatore Babones and Scott Lucas




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