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LMA Keeps Art in line with Radio Islam Hajj Theme “Simplicity Simplified”


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News – 29-08-2017

The Lenasia Muslim Association (LMA) Madrassa says pupils at the institution have used exceptional creativity and household materials to produce their artwork in keeping with Radio Islam’s 2017 hajj theme “Simplicity Simplified.”

As part of our hajj focus, Radio Islam visited LMA Madrassa today to engage with learners, seeking to explore what Hajj means to them.

The initiative which has been running for two years also includes an art competition for pupils to create models, drawings and paintings depicting the symbols of hajj.

It has drawn huge interest and entries from Madrassa’s, schools and pupils from across the country.

LMA teacher and Radio Islam presenter Moulana Habib Bobat says the excitement expressed by the pupils ahead of the competition was overwhelming.

“People used their creative minds Masha’Allah and the one model I remember very specifically has a Bluetooth speaker with the Talbiyah chanting in the background.”

Ml Bobat says the visit by Radio Islam was very educational to the learners.

“We like to express our gratitude to the team of Radio Islam for visiting the LMA Centre here in Lenasia and educating our learners with regards to the important aspect of hajj which is one of the pillars of Islam and highlighting the oldest hajji performing hajj this year, Masha’Allah.”

The winners of the art competition will be announced on Thursday after Maghrib Insha’Allah.


Twitter: @FaizelPatel143 


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