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Look beyond the surface…

Before condemning, 
look beyond the surface, 
look deep, 
every scar has a story. 
a sad troubled story. 
A haunted past 
coupled with a troubled present 
shaking its roots 
from deep within the ground 
but still all that one seeks is 
a hopeful future 
before condemning, 
look beyond the surface, 
and allow hope in. 

Before judging a book 
by its creative cover, 
read the pages within, 
every word forms a story, 
a sad troubled story, 
or maybe a happy one. 
before condemning, 
look beyond the surface, 
feel and try to understand. 

Every smile has a tear 
Every laughter has traces 
of dread and pain 
every voice quivers 
with a sad tale to tell. 
Before condemning 
look beyond the surface. 
for every smile has a ray of hope, 
every laughter has a faint joy. 
every voice like strings of a guitar 
sings a song of hope and joy. 

Before condemning 
look beyond the surface. 
Don’t blame Religion 
don’t hurt a whole race, 
a culture with traditions 
for a few screwed up views. 
Most wish to extend their hand 
to bring peace and harmony 
Before acting holier than thou 
before condemning 
look beyond the surface 
and find inner peace. 

Come morning, 
some feel a spring in their step, 
While others its a mission to wake 
Only they know their struggles, 
Not every painting is an instant masterpiece, 
before the brushes of the first strokes are taken, 
a vision is formed in the head of the artist. 
Not every book is an instant bestseller, 
before the words are penned, 
an idea is born in the head of the writer, 
This world is just a playground, 
You can fall hard. 
Before condemning, 
look deep and 
look beyond the surface. 

(Nashreen Kassim) 


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