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Male Names H

Apr 20, 2014
Haroon – protector, strong, lofty, prophet name
Haani – Happy, Delighted, Content, sahabi
Habib – Friend/beloved, sahabi
Habeebullah – Beloved of Allah
Hadi – Guide, leaderHaidar – Lion
Hakim – wise/doctor/ medicine man/judge
Hammam- the one who got strong well power, sahabi
Hamid/Hamed – Praiseworthy
Hammad – one who praises allah and make shuke to him
Hamzah – Lion, sahabi
Harith – sahabi , the one who cultivate the land
Haroun/Harun/ – lofty/hope/A Prophet’s name
Hashim – libral, strong, generous, Name of the Prophet’s Grandfather
Hassan/Hasan – Good/beautyfy/grandson of prophet pbuh
Hatim – Judge, generous
Haytham – Young Hawk
Hibban – beloved
Hilal – new moon/the crescent, sahabi
Hisham – Generosity, sahabi
Hosaam – sword
Hood – repent to Allah, prophet name
Hudhayfah – Old Arabic Name, sahabi
Husam – Sword
Husni – beautiful/handsome
Hussein – Good/handsome/grandson of prophet pbuh


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