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Mandla Mandela Warns Israel: “Hands off Al Aqsa”


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News – 27-07-2017

The grandson of late former President Nelson Mandela has warned Israel’s oppression, brutality and cruelty will not deter South Africans nor the brave Palestinian people from fighting for freedom.

Mandla Mandela was speaking at a Palestine solidarity protest organized by the MJC and others in Cape Town yesterday against Israel’s siege on the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

More than 5000 people attended the event.

Mandela has called on the International community who stood with South Africa through the struggle against the Apartheid regime to stand in solidarity with the suffering Palestinian people.

He says Apartheid Israel denies peace justice and dignity to the Palestinian people just as it has done since the day it was created.

“Today we raise our voice in protest because what Madiba described as “the greatest moral issue of our time” has become “the greatest disgrace of our time” as the world stands by in silence whilst Palestine bleeds. Today we say Hands off Al Aqsa….Hands off Al Aqsa…hands off Al Aqsa!”

Mandela also demanded that all ties be cut with Israel including no trade ties,  no cultural ties and no travel and expulsion of the Israeli ambassador.

“We demand that Israel complies with International law and demand the return of 6 million Palestinian refugees driven from the land of their birth.”

Mandela has saluted the Palestinian people who are facing the brutal might of the Israeli army to defend Masjidul Aqsa with their bare hands.

He says his grandfather Madiba reminded people that South Africa’s freedom is incomplete until Palestine is free.


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