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Masail concerning ladies

Acts which Break or do not Break the Fast

1. When a person has sexual intercourse, the fast will break, (i.e. the men’s fast as well as the women’s fast will break) qada will become wajib, and it will also be wajib to observe kaffarah. Once the head of the penis enters the vagina, the fast breaks and qada and kaffarah become wajib. This is irrespective of whether ejaculation takes place or not.

2. If the man inserts the head of his penis into the anus of the woman, even then, the fast of both the man and woman will break. Qada and kaffarah will also be wajib on them.

3. While fasting, it is not permissible for a woman to insert any medicine, oil, etc. in her vagina. If she inserts any medicine into the vagina, the fast will break; qada will be wajib but not kaffarah.

4. Because of some reason, the doctor inserts his finger into the vagina, or, the woman inserts her own finger in to the vagina. Thereafter, he or she removes part of the finger or the entire finger and then re-inserts the finger. The fast will break but kaffarah will not be wajib. And if the finger was not re-inserted, the fast will not break. However, if the finger was wet or moist before inserting it the first time, the fast will break the first time it is inserted.

5. A woman was sleeping or lying down unconscious. A person came and had sexual intercourse with her. Her fast will break, qada will become wajib but she does not have to give any kaffarah. As for the man, qada and kaffarah will be wajib on him.

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