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Middle East Report: F1 is under pressure to speak out against human rights violations in Saudi Arabia.

Dec 03, 2021

By Hajira Khota

As the sport prepares to race in Saudi Arabia for the first time this weekend, human rights organisations have requested that Formula One act to minimize human rights abuses there. F1 has been accused of being involved in the regime’s sports-washing and has been bombarded with criticism of the government, much of which looks to be at odds with F1’s dedication to equality and diversity.

Many drivers have spoken out in support of LGBTQI+ rights, including Hamilton and four-time champion Sebastian Vettel says James Dorsey who spoke to Radio Islam International.

“A series of sporting and cultural events that have a domestic role to play and are part of a building sector to cater to the youth but also distracts attention from the vulnerable Human Rights Group”.

Analyst says that Israel’s ability to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities is limited

Both the US and Iran sounded negative about the odds of resurrecting the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, with Washington expressing little optimism and Tehran casting doubt on US and European negotiators’ determination.

Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian stated that talks in Vienna, Austria, were “progressing with seriousness” and that lifting sanctions was a fundamental priority.

James Dorsey says that the Israeli’s are also pushing for much more aggressive policy alleging that the Iranians are further down the line in terms of being host to a nuclear weapon.

Saudi Arabia’s bolstered Pakistani reserves with $3 billion in a bank deposit

The State Bank of Pakistan signed a $3 billion deposit arrangement with the Saudi Fund for Development which will improve the country’s foreign currency reserves.

It will help strengthen Pakistan’s foreign currency reserves and contribute to the resolution of the Covid-19 pandemic’s negative impacts, according to the SBP. Saudi Arabia provided $4.2 billion in financial aid to Pakistan last month. This comprised $3 billion in cash payments to help Pakistan’s foreign reserves and $1.2 billion in assistance for deferred oil supplies.

The US opting for stability rather than democracy in the Middle East and the advance of the Democracy Summit

A global Democracy Summit will be hosted by the Biden Administration, fulfilling one of the president’s campaign promises. Representatives from more than 70 nations, as well as civil society activists and corporate executives, will gather virtually to build a shared agenda for supporting democracy. One of the main objectives is to confront regimes that aim to silent dissent and weaken the rule of law.

The Biden administration views the summit’s work as a means of strengthening and defending democracies, including the United States, against dictatorship.

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