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‘Millions’ of Muslims Forced In To Concentration Camps in China

Aug 15, 2018

Mohamed Ameen Dabhelia – 2018/08/15

Chinese authorities in the Muslim region of Xinjiang have forced millions of Muslim Chinese, and even foreign citizens in mass internment camps.

Uyghur activist Aidan Anwar told Radio Islam that the authorities want the Muslims to denounce Islam.

“Adopt atheism and pledge allegiance to the Chinese state, but in general what’s been happening is an occupation.”

Anwar says no reporters are allowed in the camps.

“No one can see exactly what’s happening, the Uyghur language is banned, and it’s now come to the point where people are being held in concentration camps.”

Anwar adds that there is no clear estimate with regards to the number of Muslims being held in these camps.

“Some Uyghur activists say there are 3.5 million Muslims being held in these camps, it’s not just in these camps, some are arbitrarily imprisoned.”

China meanwhile, considers the region a threat to peace.

As the sacred days of Hajj draws near, there are reports that Chinese Muslims embarking on the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia are being outfitted with GPS trackers in what experts are warning is likely part of China’s widespread surveillance programmes.

Listen to the full interview below:


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