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MJC Is Calling on Family of the Late Aishah Sulayman For Contact

May 31, 2022

Written by Umamah Bakharia

The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) is appealing to the family of the late Aishah Sulayman to come forward after her body was discovered in Newlands last night.

According to the deputy president of MJC, Sheikh Riyad Fataar, Home Affairs contacted the MJC about the body of the 27-year-old being found on the corner of Newlands Avenue, Edinburgh Drive in Cape Town.

He says officials have been unable to reach her relatives.

As such based on the circumstances, if no contact is made, she is expected to be buried within 48 hours.

“We were asked to do the burial today. But the MJC wants to do the last attempt in putting out information and try to contact the family. Therefore, if within 48 hours we do not find a contact, then the Janaza will be carried by the MJC and Mowbray cemetery.  We are urgently looking for anybody as the last opportunity to try and see if we can make contact with any family, In Sha Allah,” says Sheikh Fataar.


We make dua that Allah SWT grant the deceased Jannah-tul Firdous, In Sha Allah, Ameen.



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