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MJC Urges Muslims in Cape Town to Use Minimal Water When Making Wudhu

Jan 31, 2018


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News – 31-01-2018

The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) has urged Muslims in Cape Town to try and use a minimal amount of water when performing ablutions before prayers.

The City of Cape Town is facing a severe water crisis with feeder dams sitting at just 26.3% of capacity. This means there are fewer than 76 days until the water runs out.

Day zero, which is the day when the taps run dry, has been moved to 16 April.

The MJC’s Mishka Daries says Muslims have a responsibility toward the environment and the call for not wasting water comes from the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Daries says notices had always been posted at mosques, encouraging people not to waste water, even prior to the current water crisis.

“The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used about 775ml water when performing wudhu. We therefore call upon the Muslim community to try and emulate the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to use 775ml of water or less when performing their wudhu.”


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