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Muslim School in Sweden Targeted in Arson Attack

A fire broke at a Muslim school in the Swedish city of Örebro on Sunday.

Hussein Aldaodi, the principal of Al Salam Skolan, in central Sweden, said that that footage captured on school security cameras showed two people setting fire to the school. Aldaodi said, “In the footage, two masked men break windows on the lower floor of the school and throw flammable materials inside.” He added, “We saw in the recordings two masked people breaking the school windows in the basement and throwing incendiary materials inside the school.”

The Daily Sabah reports that attacks against Muslim institutions have occurred previously in Sweden, amid the rising Islamophobia being witnessed across Europe.

Aldaodi said, “Because it was early in the morning, our only consolation was that no one was in the school.”

According to the Daily Sabah the school has provided the surveillance camera footage to the Swedish police, who have launched an investigation into the incident.

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