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Muslims Advised to Behave Better During Ramadan


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News – 13-06-2018

As Muslims across South Africa acknowledge the last few days of the blessed month of Ramadan, concerns have been raised about argumentation , bickering and physical altercations among people within communities.

In the latest incident, a video has gone viral on social media showing a group of youth allegedly from Roshnee beating up another youngster.

It’s unclear what the fight was about, but the clip has drawn widespread condemnation from various circles about the behaviour of Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan.

Radio Islam’s Mufti Moosagie says Muslims should be engaged in the worship of Allah during Ramadan, especially during the last ten days, instead of indulging in activities that portray Islam in a negative light.

“The worst thing that can happen in these days is that when you have difference of opinion, people fighting, bickering, that really takes away the barakah.”

This is not the first time a brawl has occurred during Ramadan.

In May, a fight at Masjid Hilaal in Overport broke after apparent misbehaving children who were reprimanded by an elder reported the scolding to their parents.

The situation escalated after the parents confronted the elder resulting in blows being exchanged outside the masjid.

Mufti Moosagie says the annals of history shows that the actual night of Laylatul Qadr was not revealed to the Ummah by Nabi (SAW) because of an argument between two Sahaba.

“Very often what starts of as very innocent can lead to a brawl, a fight, and these things go so quickly on social media. It can be an embarrassment for you, it’s also an embarrassment for the Ummah that Muslims in the month of Ramadan are acting in this way.”

According to a Facebook post, the incident in Roshnee which took place three to four days ago has been amicably resolved.


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