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Nelspruit Boy Abducted from Madrassah

Feb 28, 2015


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News, 2015-02-28


A 6-year-old boy has been abducted from Madrassah Jamia Islamiya in Nelspruit in Mpumalanga.
According to a reliable source who spoke to Radio Islam, the parents of the boy received a phone call from the alleged abductors demanding a one million rand ransom for his release failing which they would kill him.
The kidnappers have not stipulated a time frame for their ransom demand.

The source said the boy was waiting for his sister to complete classes at the madrassah on Friday when he was approached by what is believed to be a “family member” at about 4:30pm.

“He knew the person who came to pick him up, he spoke to the person, they joked, they laughed and he went away with that person.”

The source said when the parents of the boy arrived to pick him and his sister up at 5pm to take them home, but the boy was nowhere to be found.
The parents along with the community of Nelspruit searched frantically for the young boy at his friends homes and other usual places but to no avail.

The source said a bulk SMS was also sent out to the parent lists of the madrassah asking if they knew the whereabouts of the boy, which has provided a few leads.

After a lengthy search for the young boy, the kidnapping was reported to the local police station.
“This morning [Saturday] they [kidnappers] let the father speak to the son, he sounded fine and they are demanding the money,” said the source.
Police are investigating a case of kidnapping.

“The family are distraught by the kidnapping and have requested that no messages must be broadcast on social media networks as the investigation is at a sensitive stage and it might jeopardise the case or put the life of the boy in danger,” said the source.

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