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No Man Dear to Me

Mar 15, 2010
By Moeghsien Mohamed

There is no man more dear to me,
Throughout the whole of history,
There’s been no man brought to this life, so successful in his right,
Bringing people from Darkness to light,

His Message was simple and clear,
His message was true,
There is only one God we should fear,
And to Allah, we pay our due,

He came as a teacher to mankind,
The greatest man of all time,
Propagation of Islam as the Deen,
He promised, Success in Allah we would find,

Islam is what he came to teach,
To the entire world did he preach,
We should strive to attain Allah’s pleasure,
Heaven, we should beseech,

He was a shelter for the Orphans and the poor,
He is my ticket to heaven’s door,
He confirmed what was said before,
Than the whole world do I love him more,

He is my master,
My beloved,
I will follow him into eternity,
His way is the ticket for my soul to be free,

I swear if I had one chance,
To go back in time for one glance,
I would stare at his Mubarak face,
And My heart would start to race,

I feel to sob, when I think of his plight,
A mammoth task to spread the deen,
Against heartless kuffaar did he fight,
With Allah in mind, he spent each day and night,
Of his goal he did not lose sight,

I love you, my Beloved Rasoolullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam),
I fervently Pray to Allah, for your intercession to be granted to me,
I cry at the thought of not being able to drink from your Mubarak hands,
I pray fanatically, to follow you to the heavenly lands,

May the Grace, peace and Blessings rest upon Muhammad our master,
Who helped Truth with truth,
And guided mankind to the straight path,
saving many from Allah’s Wrath,

Without his guidance, In Hell , would we have sank,
The is no man more dear to me,
May blessings be on him, his companions and family,
Blessings according to his exalted position, Blessings befitting his merit and rank.


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