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Palestinian Village Installs Cameras to Deter Israeli Settler Attacks

Oct 09, 2020

Palestinians in the occupied West Bank are installing video surveillance in a remote village to monitor nearby Israeli settlers who frequently attack them. Al Arabiya reports that the village of Kisan lies under Israeli military control.

The cameras are to be linked to a mobile application which will warn residents of a breach. Located in 10 areas of the village, they are expected to record alleged incidents that often go undocumented.

The founders of the project hope the CCTV will help dissuade potential culprits. Ali Faraj, one of the project’s founders, said, “The goal is to limit settler attacks on our villages, our children, our little ones, that live close to settlements.” Faraj said Kisan and surrounding villages have come under attack from settlers more than 450 times, including incidents where people were hurt and homes damaged.

Palestinian-American businessman Bashar Masri is funding the 3al Ard (On the Ground) camera project. Al Arabiya reports he had funded half a dozen projects in remote areas, saying, “(The projects are) to encourage people to take matters into their own hands vis-a-vis stopping the mad expansion of the settlements.”

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