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Payment Association of South Africa extends the validity of SASSA cards

Neelam Rahim |

3-minute read
02 May 2023 | 15:47 CAT

Photo credit: South African

Photo credit: South African

The Payment Association of South Africa (PASA) has extended the validity of expired SASSA/Postbank Gold Cards until 31 December 2023.

A new method was launched for paying beneficiaries for SASSA, which does not require a physical card. Speaking to Radio Islam International, Postbank spokesperson Dr Bongani Diako highlights what this means for beneficiaries.

Postbank started its distribution to beneficiaries in 2018; typically, the banking industry’s card life span is five years, followed by a replacement. Dr Diako said in 2020, the Reserve Bank issued a directive to Postbank to replace all SASSA cards in circulation due to some compromises with the cards leading to fraud.

According to Dr Diako, the issue of card replacements has been in the pipeline for some time; however, due to several technical reasons, Postbank was unable to distribute the cards.

In March 2023 180, 000 SASSA cards started to expire, and beneficiaries were called forward to receive new cards. Dr Diako said approximately 800 thousand cards expired in April, and the process on the ground in distributing new cards to beneficiaries hit a number of snags.

“Reports from the ground stated most beneficiaries that went to the Post Bank were turned back and were not issued new cards,” he says.

According to Business Tech, PASA has sent correspondence to all acquiring banks to ensure they are ready to accept expired SASSA/Postbank Gold Cards. Postbank has concluded its preparations, it said.

From the end of April, social grant recipients can collect their grants payments at their usual collection points using their expired SASSA/Postbank Gold Cards, regardless of the expiry date.

A new Postbank social grants payments card will be launched in line with the card replacement programme.

Social grants recipients that prefer to use the recently introduced Postbank cardless method of accessing social grants via the participating retailers that, include Shoprite, Boxer, Pick n Pay, Usave, Checkers and OK, are encouraged to do so as that alternative option is still available starting from 4 May 2023 when SASSA grants payments commence.

Listen to the full interview on Your World Today with host Annisa Esscak.



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