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People ask me what does the Prophet mean to me…

Feb 21, 2011

People ask me what does the Prophet mean to me…
They want to know what does everyone see,
In this man Muhammed(s.a.w) whom Allah chose as a Nabi.
People want to know why oh why did he have so many wives?
Don’t they know that he changed these women’s lives?

Can’t they see that Khadija was his first true love?
She was with him when times were tough.
Older, wiser, stonger, she believed in him when no one else would.
When the first revelation came to him, it was in front of Khadija that he stood.

It was Khadija who comforted and reassured him of his honesty,
All her wealth she gave for Islam in sincerety.
What about Ayesha? they want to know?
Ayesha was the complete package, isn’t that so?

Young, beautiful, intelligent and bright
She was the most beloved in our Nabi’s sight.
Haafidha of quraan, sheikha of over 2ooo hadith
Women could ask her questions in peace.

Saudah was the perfect mother figure for his daughters
After the demise of their beloved mother.
She was jolly, lively, soft and easy to talk to
The perfect person who would do
All the things a mother is meant to.

Juwairiah and Habeeba, daughters of chiefs of Jewish tribes
Through marriage, changed the negative vibes
And peace reigned instead of war, and that’s how islam would soar!
Through Zaynub, we see the law change on marriage
She was married to Zaid bin Harith

The adopted son of Nabi (s.a.w) who then divorced her due to incompatibility
Allah then commanded our Nabi to marry
Thus squashing the Arab belief
That you couldn’t marry the wife of your adopted son,
Much to everyone’s relief.

Through Hafsa we see, that there’s nothing wrong if the father proposes
To a man for his daughter, as  opposes
To the belief that it’s below
A man’s dignity to do so.

We also learn the laws of divorce
Of taking your wife back after a pause
As long as you don’t issue all 3 in one go
And one should be punished if he did so!

It’s not through his passions that he married these women
There’s a story to be learnt for every man and woman
So take a lesson from every wife
And lets all enrich our life.

Nothing my prophet ever did was in vain
Through  his life we have a lot to gain
So what have you done to learn today
About the life of my Nabi and what he had to say?

If you haven’t done anything yet
I suggest you read a little everyday and you’ll be set
To fill your heart with love
For the person that we’re all in awe of
Our beloved Nabi (s.a.w) the best of all creation
Sent as a mercy and guide for every nation.

Alla humma salli ala sayidina Muhammed wa ala aalihi wa sallam.


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