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Political Analyst: “Nothing Will Change for Palestine Under Joe Biden… There will be Just Empty Words”

Nov 07, 2020

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu & US Presidential hopeful Joe Biden. Image: Forward.com

Faizel Patel – 07/11/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

As Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden heads for victory in the US Elections, political analyst Abie Dawjee says nothing will change for Palestine under the administration of the former vice-President.

Dawjee was analysing the US elections on Radio Islam on Saturday.

Biden told Americans on Friday that he is going to win the US presidency as his lead grows over President Donald Trump in battle ground states while counting continues.

During his presidency, Trump moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognised Syria’s Golan Heights as part of Israel and declared the settlements in the West Bank are legal among other pronouncements

But will the Palestinian issues progress under the Biden administration if he is elected to the White House?

Dawjee say this is very unlikely.

“My view is nothing will change. Biden will not reverse all the gifts that Trump gave Netanyahu. Yes he will talk about a negotiated deal, a two state solution and so on, but there will be just empty words because Israel has already taken huge chunks of the West Bank which makes it impossible for the Palestinians to have an independent viable state. Israel has already consolidated its position, it’s building more and more settlements and Israel is taking more and more land everyday.”

Quoting from an article, Dawjee says while Americans should also not expect any dramatic moves under Biden, he might be under pressure because of  dramatic changes the US Elections has yield.

“The number of Muslims who have been elected to office and some who are non-Muslims who support Palestinians has gone up. The clear message is this, Muslims in the United States are waking up, asserting themselves and making gains.”

On Monday during the Palestine Report on Radio Islam, the Palestine Information Network’s (PIN) Hafez Ebrahim Moosa said that whether Trump or Biden wins the US Elections, there is no distinction about who is the “lesser of two evils when” the Palestinian struggle is on the table.



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