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Power cuts affecting water supply says Rand Water

Umamah Bakharia |

2 min read
30 January 2023 | 21:40 CAT

Rand Water says it’s water purification plants across different municipalities are failing due to load-shedding that has left many reservoirs without water.

Picture: Mail & Guardian

The bulk water supplier says on Sunday, that the power cuts affected the Eikenhof booster station which comprises of 59 reservoirs it supplies.

In a statement, Rand Water says it takes up to four hours to pump water at full capacity after a power cut.

Adding that its reservoir storage levels declined from 76% earlier this month to about 30% to date. This it says this left some reservoirs with critically low water levels below 15%.

The utility said that when this happened, municipalities started to experience inadequate to no supply to their high-lying areas.

Meanwhile to assist with this, the water supplier says water trucks have since been deployed in areas such as Melville, North Florida and Hursthill.

They have been urged to use water sparingly and considerably.


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