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Prayer of Gratitude… 

My beloved Almighty ALLAH… 

Thank YOU for my senses. 
I can see, smell, feel, hear and taste. 

I can see this beautiful world and make my mark. 
Create my own identity, 
Be myself, to do good and follow the correct way of an Islamic life that will please YOU. 

I can smell the aroma of mother’s food and wait in anticipation for her sweet voice calling to eat from her hands. 
I can taste the exotic dishes she so lovingly makes and be grateful for a full tummy. 
Others are not so lucky. 

I can feel my heartbeat and appreciate how strong it beats. Almighty has given me enough strength to uplift Islam and spread HIS religion far and wide. 
I can feel the protective hand of father on my head guiding me from the dark. 
Others are not so lucky. 

I can hear the soothing words of the Quraan in my ears and absorb its amazing power into my being. 
I can hear the footsteps of my little sister, as she darts into my arms hoping for a “baleta ride on my back” with dreams in her eyes of touching the sky. 
To hear her sweet screams and laughter of delight sounds so beautiful in my ears. 
Others are not so lucky. 

ALLAH, there is so much more to be grateful to YOU. But however, as I look at my brother, right this minute I feel so grateful for my pair of legs. I see my crippled brother sitting in silence, thoughts of dismay racing through his head. My heart fills with so much agony for him. I can’t imagine myself in his place. Siting there in silence, helpless. Unable to fulfill his dreams. We as young boys would dream of flying high into clouds racing the birds. But now his dreams are shattered, help me o ALLAH to use my legs to walk the correct path of deen and grant me strength to help my brother “walk” his. 

(Nashreen Kassim) 


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