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Pride for World Possessions

Yumna Moosa –

1 minute read | 18 September 2022 | 10.50am

There was a non-Muslim named Al-As ibn Wa’il who Allah S.W.T had granted an abundance of wealth. Khabaab ibn al-Aratt had given a loan to Al-As ibn Wa’il. One day, when he was asked to return it, Al-As ibn Wa’il stated that he cannot return it until he (Khabaab ibn al-Aratt) disassociated himself from Prophet Muhammed S.A.W. Khabaab ibn al-Aratt said that he would never do that, not even when he dies and gets brought back to life. In his false understanding, Al-As ibn Wa’il stated that he would then pay back the loan when he was brought back to life because even then he and his offspring would be wealthy.

Allah S.W.T says:

“Have you seen the one who rejects our verses? Has he peeked into the unseen? Or has be made a pact with Ar-Rahmaan which he seems to be convinced about? Never. We shall certainly record what he says, and will continue to constantly intensify the punishment for him in the hereafter.”

In regards to Al-As ibn Wa’il, both his sons ended up accepting Islam, which ultimately led to him being alone in this world as his children had abandoned him, as they did not want to associate with him.

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