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Radio Islam International Ramadan Broadcast Launch 2021

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatahu,

Shabaan, the precursor to the holy and blessed month of Ramadaan and as we enter the remaining few days of the month, Muslims globally are preparing for the sighting of the moon that will usher in the glorious month, algamdoelillah.

At Radio Islam International, we began our preparations, with much thought and love, a few months ago to ensure that we keep our listeners edutained during the blessed month. The purpose of our efforts is for our beloved listeners who have shown their appreciation each year and who choose the station as their spiritual companion.

To keep you riveted in sha Allah, we have used many platforms to deliver the message to motivate, inspire, enlighten, and uplift you throughout the auspicious month, in sha Allah.

This Ramadaan, Radio Islam International focuses on cultivating and developing “AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE” We aim to bring to you a line-up that promises interesting perspectives on the theme and informative discussions on its value.

Our themes are carefully chosen as we drive an important lesson or point home and the last year has been difficult with many experiencing different types of loss and thus a challenge to express gratitude, especially to Allah ﷺ

Algamdoelillah – do not just say it with your tongue, rather say it from the heart. That way, you acknowledge it, believe it, and ensure that you repeat it often.

Variety is the spice of life, and we have made that our aim to keep you listening, learning, and loving our various features and programs that cater to the time, taste, and mood of each of our listeners.

This year, 1442, marks a century since the fall of the Khilafah and our riveting documentary THE AWAKENING: 100 YEARS SINCE THE FALL OF THE KHILAFAH will take you through the decline of the Uthmani Khilafah until its downfall. But the documentary will focus on the revival of the Deen, by Muslim countries, initiatives, movements and try to answer whether there is hope in the future for Islam. It is a story of our collective history, our collective present, and our destiny as the Ummah of Prophet Muhammed ﷺ

Creator and presenter of the documentary, Hafez Ebrahim Moosa will take on the journey, Monday to Friday at 08:15 am with a repeat after Magrib.

Jinn! Jadoo! Topics that have become talking points in many households, sometimes perceived and others, a horrific reality. Our drama this year is a family one that helps us to separate the myths from the facts, particularly regarding sehir or black magic. THE NIGHTS OF LAYLA is a sketch that will bring life to the scenarios experienced by some. It promises to be dramatic, painful, frightening and at times humorous.

The first broadcast will be at 07:30 am, Monday to Friday, then a repeat after Magrib and a further broadcast at 21:15 pm. Moulana Habib Bobat ad Moulana Ahmed Waja will then follow up with a discussion on the drama to unpack the salient points of the day.

Catch the drama that will bring you an engineer who turns into sangoma, a con-artist posing as Amil soliciting money from the unsuspecting and not forgetting witty Grandma, Hajra Ma! Horror, suspense, and some laughs and promised to keep you sleeping with an eye open! THE NIGHTS OF LAYLA – When the perfectly ordered world of cause and effect, is invaded by the chaos and mayhem of the “Other World.”

Of course, Ramadan on Radio Islam International is incomplete without Grumpy Chacha. And . . .  Chacha has a neighbour who will be annoying him but keeping you in stitches. This year on The Afternoon Comes Wow Show, Brother Ejaz and Moulana Na’eem Docrat will introduce you to Boring Baboo and will keep you entertained and make you smile during that last stretch of the day.

A feature that will be sure to pull at your heartstrings, presented by Moulana Mohamed Kara who will host guests from the Hindu and Afrikaner community who have entered the Deen. Their stories not only reflect their journey to Islam but their challenges too. It also brings forth hope and inspiration for those born into Islam and the many who are searching for the ultimate comfort, peace, and content. Riveting Stories of Reverts will be broadcast every Saturday at 18:00 pm.

Our programming caters for all and for our youth there is the ALL4ONE SCHOOLS QUIZ will see schools from across the country vie with each other for the ultimate cash prize. Quiz master Moulana Mohamed Kara and his long-time friend, Moulana Suhaib Lasanya, it will be played out weekdays after Magrib. Four participants from twelve schools will be tested on different categories, secular and Islamic. Weekly finals will happen every Friday with the Grand Finale to be broadcast on Eid night.

Programming will begin at 03:00 am and ending at 23:00 pm daily. Seven days of edutainment just for you!

At 03:00 am, Moulana Na’eem Docrat will wake us up with the Dhikr Hour followed by the suhoor team, a flagship programme hosted by Moulana Sulaiman Ravat and co-host, Moulana Ebrahim Daya providing inspiration for the day ahead. This is followed by Moulana Na’eem Phiri who shares valuable advice with us and then the popular Sabahul Muslim hosted this Ramadan by the well-informed Moulana Junaid Kharsany from the sunny shores of Durban. The show will include the documentary and drama series.

There are a multitude of programmes during the rest of the week which will be found on the Radio Islam International schedule below. Our news bulletins, women’s programs and the Iftaar Drive with Mufti Yusuf Moosagie will take us through to Magrib.

Taraweeh Salah, with the soulful and melodious voice of Qari S. Taylor, will be broadcast from Masjidus Salaam, Musgrave, Durban.

Listen here for the launch broadcast.

We pray that you benefit from and enjoy the programmes that we have put together in sha Allah.


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