Radio Islam’s Hajj Outreach Programme a Hit with Schools

Aug 17, 2018


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News – 17-08-2018


As the ten days of hajj draw closer, Radio Islam has received an overwhelming reception at schools across Gauteng.

As part of our hajj focus, Radio Islam embarks on an outreach to programme to educate our young ones about the spiritual journey of hajj, its tenets and sanctity.

The magnificent journey of Hajj is one of spiritual ecstasy, an exclusive invitation from Allah Ta’ala.

While many of us will not be performing hajj this year, it is still vitally important that we reach out to the young generation to imbibe in them the love for holy sites where Islam was conceived.

At the Bilal Combined School in Lenasia South, Radio Islam received a raucous welcome.

Bilal Combined School’s sister Faeeza Valley says Radio Islam should have more outreach programmes to interact with the younger generation of the community.

“Jazak’Allah to Radio Islam, this has been an amazing initiative. Alhamdulillah our kids have been enlightened with regards to the importance of the five days of hajj.”



At the same time Johannesburg Muslim School was equally receptive of the Radio Islam team.

JMS’s Sister Faheema Bham says Radio Islam outreach programme to the schools is form of dawat.

“Not only do we zone in on our learners that are very young, but we are also educating them about our deen. Most importantly they have been educated on one of the Faraaidh of Islam which Insha’Allah when they fulfill will entail thawaab for even the team that came out. So Jazak’Allah for your time and effort and Insha’Allah we’ll keep you in our duas.”




Each learner from Grade five and six at both schools received a gift pack from Radio Islam.


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