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Ramadhan Plan of Action

1. The first thing that comes to my MIND about the Holy Month of Ramadan is:6. From health point of view, I have decided the following:
RAMADANA – Variety of food, Iftar, SuhoorHEALTHA – I will quit smoking
B – Hardships, Thirst, HungerB – I will control my eating and sleeping habits
C – Spirituality, Being away from sinsC – I will not over eat 
D – Gatherings with friendsD – I will prefer fruits & vegetables over fatty foods
E – Quran and PrayersE – I will do some light exercise to keep fit
2. I have decided the Primary GOAL for this Ramadan to:7. From knowledge point of view, I have decided the following:
GOALA – Be God fearing and increase TaqwaKNOWLEDGEA – Read Islamic books
B – Build my characterB – Attend Islamic lectures
C – Attain perfectionC – Start a study circle or Quran translation program
D – Increase my spirituality & purify soulD – Browse through Islamic websites
E – Prepare for deathE – Listen to Islamic CDs or Audio cassettes
3. To Improve my Salah (Prayers), I have decided the following:8. I have decided to work on the following Ma’aroof:
SALAHA – Improve concentration MA’AROOFA – Arrange for Iftar
B – Understand its meaningB – Being kind to relatives
C – To stand in night prayers (Tahajjud)C – Help my neighbours
D – To be punctual for Jamaat prayersD – Lighten the burden of others
E – Increase my prostrationsE – Give alms to poor
F – Respect my elders
4. To improve my relationship with Quran, I have decided the following:G – Attain good manners and behavior
QURANA – Read the whole Quran atleast once (Tilawat)
B – Memorize a few Surahs (Aayaat)9. I have decided to shun the following Munkar:
C – Learn to recite the Quran correctly (Tajweed)MUNKARA – Telling lies
D – Understand its meanings & ponder over its versesB – Speaking ill of others, gheebat
E – Go through the TafseerC – Losing temper
D – Watching TV, serials, films, etc.
5. To be closer to Allah (SWT),  I have decided to recite the following:E – Vain talk
DUAA – Daily duas for Ramadan
B – Dua after prayers10. For Shab-e-Qadr, I have decided the following:
C – Supplications for IftaarSHABE QADRA – To search it in the odd nights of last 10 days
D – Duas from Quran & HadithB – To seek forgiveness for past sins
E – Duas with tearsC – To ask for guidance for future
D – Recite Quran
E – To stand in prayers


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