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Ramaphosa requests a 4-month extension after receiving state capture report

Dec 23, 2021

By Annisa Essack
After receiving the complete report from the State Capture Commission, President Cyril Ramaphosa has asked the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria for an extension of four months to communicate his response to Parliament.

In his counter application filed in court, he said, “I will submit a copy of the SCC Report to Parliament. I seek merely the extension of time within which to communicate with Parliament.”

The President said that by the time the report was submitted, it would have six extensions of the time for submission by the commission.

“That is because of the range of questions and witnesses and the length of evidence and submissions adduced at the commission. I anticipate a comprehensive report with many important findings and recommendations. I should be given a reasonable and proper opportunity and time to consider the report, and then formulate a response and implementation plan, and communicate that to Parliament.”

It was reported by media, in papers filed in the High Court, Acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, the commission’s chairperson, said he intended to release his final report in three parts. The first part will be ready by the end of December.

Zondo requested a further extension as an assessment showed they wouldn’t be able to meet it, with just a few days to go until the commission’s December deadline.

In a statement on Tuesday, Zondo said he had already spoken to the president about the extension – and that the commission’s budget would cover the legal costs of the application.

In his court papers, Ramaphosa confirmed speaking to Zondo about the extension, adding that he does not oppose the application by the commission and would abide by any court order granted under the application.

Ramaphosa said he preferred that the report be released [to him] before he is required to release it publicly.

“Furthermore, the chairperson informed me that the last portion of the SCC Report would be submitted during March 2022.



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